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Cleaning / draining / leak testing / sealing – cesspools

Clean sinks⛃pump! When should this be done

For environmental safety reasons, a cesspool should be checked regularly for leaks, and condition. The cost / duration of the leak test depends on the local conditions, and the pipe system itself.

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In Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Upper Austria (other federal states on request)

Cleaning sinks⛃pumping is also necessary before a check
You will be given a test report – test report after verification, which you can submit to authorities, insurance companies, etc.

Local conditions
every manhole shaft access is easily accessible and operable.

pipe system
Many branches have been installed, over how many levels the sewage drain is distributed.

Visual inspection is recorded with the channel camera and documented.

Tip ! In the course of this activity, also have a cleaning carried out.
Whether high-pressure cleaning or electromechanical is different depending on the situation.

Depending on the requirements, there are the following technical methods for faeces chess pits:

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Further information of the legal regulations can be found on the pages of the RIS Legal Information System.

For sealing, there are various rehabilitation methods such as Gravelless sewer rehabilitation, pipe in pipe …. ZIBO uses for you the optimal right.

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